Mezzanine Safety Gates and HSG76

What is HSG76?

HSG76, or the Health and Safety Executive’s guide to warehousing and storage, is an important document for anyone who works in or manages a warehouse. The guide provides detailed information on the different types of hazards that can be found in a warehouse, as well as guidance on how to mitigate these risks. One of the key topics covered in HSG76 is racking safety, which is a critical issue in any warehouse setting.

What does HSG76 say about mezzanine floor areas?

HSG76 has a few things to say about mezzanine floor areas. One of the key points is that any areas where stock is transferred, such as loading and unloading zones, should be suitably guarded to prevent people or objects from falling over the edge. This is because mezzanine floors are often elevated and can pose a significant risk of injury if someone were to fall. In addition, the guide also recommends that all racking systems, including mezzanine areas, should be installed by competent people in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

What does HSG76 say about mezzanine safety gates?

Point 581 talks directly about mezzanine safety gates and their alternatives. ‘581 Locations in the fencing on mezzanine areas where stock is transferred should
be suitably guarded to prevent people or objects falling over the edge. A swingover pallet gate can achieve this. Chains, tape etc should not be used as edge protection because they will not be robust enough to prevent a fall should someone stumble or inadvertently lean against them.

Our pallet safety gates comply with the recommendations in HSG76. Choose our gates for your warehouse pallet loading solution.