What is the Purpose of a Pallet Gate?

Pallet gates are recommended for edge protection on mezzanine floors when loading and unloading goods. This means that current health and safety standards can be met whilst still offering protection for the operator.

Our pallet gates are designed around a ‘never exposed edge’ principal where by the gate never allows personnel to be at risk of falling from an exposed edge. (This is the reason that we don’t supply sliding gate systems – they allow the edge of the floor to be exposed).

Our Pallet Gates are in-stock and ready to be delivered in 3 working days.

Standard Pallet Gate.

The standard pallet gate is our budget option.
The pivot mechanism on these make them simple and easy to use.
Just swing open and close the gate to load/unload.


High Pallet Gates.

Our taller model allowing pallets of an extra 800mm height to be loaded/unloaded.
A recommended option for larger pallet dimensions.


Why Choose Transformer Systems?

We keep it simple, we whittled down our designs to the most common pallet sizes.
Our pallet gates tick all the boxes with efficiency, safety and suitability for most loading at height issues.


Designed from the drawing board, to Auto CAD, to manufacture by experienced installation experts in the business for over 30 years.


Choosing our suppliers carefully, our gates are manufactured from steel and then powder coated for protection.

In Stock

Our pallet gates are flat packed, in stock & ready to dispatch. We can deliver to your premises within 3 working days.

Complies with building standards for edge protection (EN ISO 14122-3).

Low / Virtually No Maintenance.

Simple construction means fast installation.

Supplied with installation fixing pack & instructions.

Competitive Pricing.

Various accessories available to protect your mezzanine flooring.